How do Casino Affiliate Programs Work?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common ways to make money online. If you have a source of traffic or know how to buy it effectively, you can promote the products and services of other companies and profit from it. Depending on the model you choose, you will be rewarded for each user action. These can be clicks, impressions, registrations, or the purchase of goods or services. Of course, the “harder” it is to perform this action, the more profit the partner receives. 

One of the most popular and lucrative niches of affiliate marketing is gambling. And in this article, we will analyze the features of online casino affiliate programs.

What is a Casino Affiliate Program?

Gambling affiliate programs are websites that allow you to make money by advertising online casinos. You will receive a commission for each new player you bring to the casino. 

How do they work?

iGaming affiliate programs, in most cases, share their income with a partner or pay a fixed amount for each new player. After registering an affiliate account in the program, you will access special links to the online casino site. This link links the players to your account and allows you to track their activity, such as the registration date and country, the first deposit date and amount, and your income from this player. Detailing statistics can vary depending on the software used by the affiliate program, but the attributes listed above provide almost all.

Casino Affiliate Account

Casino Affiliate Account (Legend Affiliates)

The tracking link is the basis of your earnings. You can post it on your website, on the forum, send it to your database of e-mails and phone numbers, or promote it through paid advertising.

Tracking Link

The example of a tracking link

Usually, once or twice a month, you will be able to receive the payment of the earned commission if you have reached the minimum limit.

Reward Models in Casino Affiliate Programs

When you start working with an affiliate program, you need to choose the model for which you will receive a reward. In 99% of cases, you will work on one of these models:

  • Revenue Share (RS): working on this model, you will receive a certain percentage of the casino’s revenue, i.e., the loss of the players, registered through your tracking link. This model is suitable for those looking for a permanent source of income and aims for a long-term partnership with the program. In this case, you will earn as long as the player remains active. The commission size for this model varies from 10 to 60%.
  • Cost per Action (CPA): using this model, you get a reward for each player who makes the first deposit in the casino. In this case, you will receive a reward only once; all other activities of the player you brought will not affect your earnings. The size of the CPA commission depends on the player’s country and varies from $50 to $500.
  • Hybrid (RS + CPA): it is a combination of the two previous models. That is, you get a fixed amount when the player makes the first deposit and a percentage of the casino profits generated by this gambler.

Advantages of affiliate programs for online casinos

After reading how the affiliate program works, you can think: “Why do casinos share money at all? Isn’t it better to keep all profits to yourself?“. The short answer is no. Online gambling is an extremely competitive field. To compete with well-known brands, young operators need to invest astronomical sums in marketing, including brand promotion and SEO. With the help of an affiliate program, the operator partially outsources marketing to webmasters or arbitration specialists. Thus, the cost of marketing is significantly reduced because you can pay for it after having some result. So, the casino can focus on more important things for the player, such as bonus policy and support.

How much can you make being a casino affiliate?

Casino affiliate marketing is an area where most people go to make money. So it is not surprising that many are interested in how much you can earn here. And I’m afraid the answer will disappoint you because you can earn literally any money. Like really. If you work on the Revenue Share model, you can easily “catch” a player who will bring you tens of thousands of dollars in one day. Or you can bring 50 players to the casino and earn only 100 bucks. Also, one or more of your players can win big, and you will get nothing.

But if you work on the CPA model, it is much easier to estimate your profit level. For example, you get $100 for each new player, so you need to bring ten new players to earn $1000.

Well, for dessert, I can share my own experience. I have a very small affiliate website that has 50-60 daily unique visitors and 5-10 monthly FTDs. It makes me $100-200 a month on the Revenue share model. If I had chosen the CPA model, I would have received more money, but in the long run, I’ll get a larger profit from RS. And every day, a random High Roller can significantly change the game;)

If you want to join the world of the iGaming business, you can create your first casino affiliate site today.

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