How to Get a License for Casino Affiliate in New Jersey. Step-by-Step Guide

The US market is one of the most desirable for affiliates, but at the same time, it is very specific. So you have two options on how to work with this geo. The first is to cooperate with offshore casinos. In this case, it is enough to register in one of the casino affiliate programs that accept traffic from the USA. But, by choosing this option, you are taking risks. In the best case, you will be blocked from promoting legal operators, and in the worst, you will appear before a US court if you bring the attention of the authorities of some states.

The second option is to work with legal USA partner programs from the start. This option is more complicated, labor-intensive, and perhaps less profitable, but completely safe. In addition, you show that the interest in this industry is there, encouraging more states to legalize gambling. If you are not afraid of difficulties and want to try your hand at promoting legal online casinos in the USA, then we advise you to start with the state of New Jersey.

Why should you get a New Jersey license first?

New Jersey became the first state to legalize online gambling after the federal ban was lifted in 2018. Currently, the state has the largest number of licensed casinos, including such well-known brands as Unibet, bet365, 888 Casino

Getting a license in New Jersey is relatively quick and requires minimum paperwork.

To apply for a vendor license, you only need to meet 2 conditions:

  1. Have a company on whose behalf the business is conducted.
  2. Do not promote offshore US casinos.

You can begin the licensing process if you meet both of these conditions. The step-by-step guide is given below.

NJ Vendor Licensing. Step-by-step guide

This license is free but allows you to work only on CPA.

Step 1. Find a casino affiliate program to sign an agreement.

To get a vendor license, you need to enter into an agreement with one of the casinos. After that, the casino with which you agreed must send documents to the Division of Gaming Enforcement, so not every affiliate program will do this. Here are affiliate programs to help you do just that:

  • BetMGM Partners. Email:;
  • Rush Affiliates. Email:
  • Caesars Affiliates. Email:

These brands do not provide the following services:

  • Kindred Affiliates.
  • 888 Affiliates.

You only need to do this procedure with one affiliate program. After that, you will receive a vendor ID that allows cooperation with the rest of the programs.

Step 2. Fill out all the necessary documents.

Now a little paperwork awaits you. You need to fill out these documents:

  • DGE Vendor Registration Form;
  • Vendor Registration Supplemental Disclosure Form;
  • W9 Tax Form.

We have collected all the necessary forms for you on this Google Disk.

Step 3. Send the completed documents to the casino representative

You need to send the filled W9 and Vendor Registration Form to the casino representative you communicated with.

Step 4. Send the completed documents to DGE

You need to send the filled Vendor Registration Supplemental Disclosure Form by post directly to the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement. Here is the address: 

New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement

Service Industry Licensing Bureau (SILB), Intake Unit

1300 Atlantic Avenue, 3rd Floor

Atlantic City, NJ 08401

You have 30 days to fill out and send this form.

Step 5. Wait for confirmation of successful registration as a vendor

Application processing takes approximately 2 weeks. You will receive an email with your vendor ID if you did everything correctly. 

That’s all. Now you can start working with licensed New Jersey casinos and make deals with all other brands. 

Ancillary Casino Service Industry Enterprise. Step-by-step guide 

This license costs $2,000 and allows you to work under on Revenue Share, CPA, and CPL reward models.

Step 1. Complete the required documents

You need to fill out the following forms: 

  • Instructions for Filing an Application for an Ancillary Casino Service Industry Enterprise License
  • Business Entity Disclosure Form – Ancillary Casino Service Industry Enterprise License
  • Personal History Disclosure Form – Ancillary Casino Service Industry Enterprise
  • Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Obligations – Casino Service Industry Applicants/Licensees

Step 2. Pay the initial filling fee

For more detailed information on how to make a payment, please contact

Step 3. Send the filled and signed documents to DGE

After you have completed all the forms, you must send them via post to the address mentioned above.

Step 3. Wait for the license ID

After the request is processed, you will receive your ID, which gives you the right to work with the casino.


We hope our guide has helped you understand how to get an affiliate license in New Jersey. If you have any questions, please write them in the comments below, we will be happy to answer them. We wish you luck in conquering such a difficult market as the state of New Jersey.

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