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Greetings to all casino affiliate marketers, SEO specialists, and everyone who starts their journey in the gambling business world.

Welcome to, where you can choose the casino affiliate program that suits you best. You can learn more about our site and team in the “About Us” section, and here we’ll talk about our affiliate program ranking system.

Our casino affiliate programs rating consists of many factors that we believe are important to many partners. We consider as many details as possible, from unresolved complaints about the program to the number of languages spoken by affiliate managers. Here is a complete list of factors that affect each program’s ranking.

How many years has the affiliate program been running

I don’t think anyone will argue that the longer the program exists, the more likely it will continue to exist, so your lifetime revenue share may really be a lifetime. So, the longer the program operates, the more points it gets in this category. 

The reputation of brands that are part of this program

We believe it is essential to promote casinos that have good reviews from other players, resolve complaints quickly, and generally have a good reputation. If the casinos do not respect the players, they will likely behave in the same way with their partners. Therefore, we check for complaints about affiliate program brands on specialized sites of our partners, namely: Casino.Guru and AskGamblers.

Affiliate Program Reputation

The reputation of the affiliate program itself is just as important as the reputation of its brands. Therefore, we check websites such as Affiliate Guard Dog, AskGamblers, GPWA, and Casinomeister to find unresolved complaints from partners. If such complaints are found, they will negatively affect the program’s rating.

Terms and Conditions Fairness

We carefully read the text of the rules and conditions of the affiliate program. If we find any suspicious sections, we indicate them in the review and lower the rating.

Affiliate Program Software

Some affiliate programs use proprietary software, and it’s very cool, but they also have complete control over it. In this case, the partners cannot be 100% sure that the program does not manipulate their income level. Therefore, we give fewer points to programs with an in-house affiliate software, and we rate higher those who use well-known systems, such as NetRefer, MyAffiliates, or Income Access.

Detalization of statistics reports

Analytics is essential in our work. Therefore, the more data the affiliate program provides, the better. Unfortunately, there are many programs where you can’t see the number of first depositors or set up different trackers on the link. This makes life difficult for partners and in result it almost impossible to evaluate the effectiveness of a particular program. Therefore, the more detailed reports the program provides, the more points it receives in this category.

Admin Fees

Most affiliate programs take a percentage of your revenue to maintain the platform. But some serve you for free. The latter gets the most points for this factor.

Available Deal Types

We all do business differently, so finding a reward model that suits you best is vital. Therefore, the more flexible the program in this regard, the better.

Negative Carryover

Fewer and fewer programs use this practice every year, but it has not disappeared. Maybe in some sense, it’s fair, but affiliates don’t like it. We are also one of them, so we prefer programs without negative carryover.


This term refers to affiliate programs that have two or more brands. Some calculate the commission for all brands together, i.e., the negative balances of some affect the positive of others. And some programs calculate the commission for each brand separately. Try to guess which ones we prefer;)


Nobody likes bureaucracy.

Payment Methods

Each partner has their favorite way of getting paid, so a good affiliate program should satisfy as many of their customers as possible. By the way, if getting paid is a painful topic for you, we advise you to pay attention to cryptocurrency casino affiliate programs.

Minimum Withdrawal

The lower, the better.

Supported Currencies

The more, the better.

Branded Traffic

Each partner has its approach to doing business and its strategy to promote the casino. But not all strategies are liked by the owners of these brands. Therefore, the more loyal the program to the affiliate’s activities, the better its rank. 

NGR Calculation Formula

All partners want to know exactly how their commission is calculated, but very few programs want to share this information, and if they do, it is very abstract. Having made this indicator a factor affecting the rating, we want to encourage affiliate programs to share this formula willingly.

API Support / Postbacks

If you have a large website with hundreds of casinos, sooner or later, it becomes a matter of automating the collection of statistics. And it’s good if affiliate programs allow you to set up such a collection. Sometimes you need to activate it, and it is available immediately in some cases. But such functionality may not exist at all.


Most casino partners drive traffic through SEO, so backlinks are essential. If the affiliate program provides the opportunity to get a backlink, we can not ignore this, given that we are focused on organic traffic.

Affiliate Managers Languages

It is necessary to accept the fact that not everyone who wants to engage in affiliate marketing speaks English. And if the manager and the potential partner literally can’t find a common language, the program will lose the client. And let’s be honest, it’s always lovely to discuss things in your native language.

Website languages

Even though Google Translate is already working pretty well, it’s always more enjoyable to use a professionally translated website. This way, you can ensure that you will not confuse anything when registering.

SubAffiliate Commission

If you want to become our competitor, this indicator is one of the most important. It shows what percentage of your referral partner’s income you will receive.

Allowed traffic sources

Not all casino partners promote operators through SEO. Many affiliates prefer PPC or email newsletters or combine different traffic sources. Therefore, a good affiliate program should be flexible in this regard.

Auto Withdrawal

No one likes to do extra work, especially if it can be avoided. If the partner does not need to remind the affiliate program about the commission payment every month, it simplifies life very much. Therefore, we encourage as many programs as possible to switch to this payment type and move up in our rankings.


The more ways you can contact an affiliate program representative, the less likely you will lose touch. 

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