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If you run a casino, you also need an affiliate program. Otherwise, it is almost impossible for a gambling site to survive. You have 2 options to do this. The first is to write software for tracking the activity of your partners yourself. The second is to use one of the ready-made solutions. And in this article, we analyze just one such thing.

Post Affiliate Pro is one of the most popular affiliate software on the market. This universal solution is suitable for creating almost any affiliate program. Here are some verticals that use the product: Gambling, eCommerce, Finance. In this review, we will focus more on the gambling vertical.

PAP allows you to conveniently monitor the activity of all your partners, analyze their performance, and even make payments. In addition, the software has a lot of unique features, which we will discuss further.

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Post Affiliate Pro Features

According to the PAP website, they have 54 different features. Unfortunately, we will not be able to list all of them here, so we will highlight some of the most interesting ones. 

Site Replication

This feature allows you to create templated websites with dynamic variables to provide your partners with personalized landing pages without much effort.

Private Campaigns 

All campaigns you create in Post Affiliate Pro are public, that is, available to all your affiliates by default. But if you want to conduct a unique campaign with one or more of your partners, then with the help of this feature, it can be done without any problems. 


PAP makes it possible to monitor the activity of your partners in great detail. You can see clicks, commissions, sales by individual partners, campaigns, or even links and banners. Also, all statistics show the geography of your sales through partners. All statistics can also be displayed in graphs and charts, which will help better analyze your partners’ performance. 

Post Affiliate Pro Reporting

Unfortunately, the program is not fully optimized for the needs of gambling sites, and if you want to add indicators such as FTD, regular deposits, or other casino attributes, you will have to do the add-on yourself.

Adjustments in action commissions

If you are going to offer CPA commissions, then Post Affiliate Pro allows you to customize the action for which your affiliates will be rewarded. Here are some options for “actions”:

  • Click
  • Page Visit
  • Registration
  • FTD
  • Download

Performance rewards

Most likely, you will conduct various promotions among your partners. And PAP provides you with all the functionality for this. With the help of this feature, you can set automatic waiting for specific conditions and charge bonus commissions for it.

Split Commission

Imagine a situation where a potential player visited your partner’s site and went from there to your casino but never made a deposit. Then this player went to the site of another partner and, from there, registered and made a deposit. In this case, usually, the entire commission goes to your second partner. But with the Split Commission feature, you can reward both.

We have covered only a few PAP features, but there are many more. You can get acquainted with all of them on the official website in the “Features” section.

Pros and Cons

The software we are reviewing has excellent customer reviews on the Captera and TrustPilot websites. We analyzed what PAP users write and highlighted the main advantages and disadvantages of the software. 

Post Affiliate Pro Rating (TrustPilot, Capterra)

+ Plugin Integration– The Price
+ Customer Support
– Not user-friendly interface
+ Plenty of useful features
– Integration can be challenging
+ Excellent tracking system and affiliate links setup
– Poor optimization for gambling vertical.


Post Affiliate Pro has 3 subscription price categories. You can see the prices and basic features on the screen.

Post Affiliate Pro Pricing

You can also see a comparison of the three categories on absolutely all features on the “Pricing” page.

Getting Started

Post Affiliate Pro offers two options for creating an account: Affiliate Program and Affiliate Network. Before making an account, we advise you to use the “Take a Tour” feature and familiarize yourself with the product’s main advantages. You can also request a call with a company specialist who will give you a presentation of the product via video conference. 

If everything suits you, all that remains is to register an account. For the first 14 days, absolutely all features of the product will be available to you completely free of charge; you don’t even need to enter credit card details. After the trial period ends, it will be much easier to choose a tariff plan because two weeks is enough to test everything you need.

Famous iGaming Affiliate Programs use Post Affiliate Pro

Сompetitor analysis is undoubtedly an essential component of research. Therefore, we have collected several famous casino affiliate programs using Post Affiliate Pro software

Winzon Group Affiliate Programs

This huge affiliate program network includes such brands as VIPStakes Affiliates, Btagmaster Partners, ParadiseWin Affiliates, and many more. This company has been on the market for about 10 years and hasn’t changed its affiliate software once.

The Lotter Affiliates

This is an affiliate program of one of the largest sites dedicated to online lotteries. theLotter successfully uses many features of PAP software, and we hope to continue to do so for many years to come.

Specification: Post Affiliate Pro

Free Trial

14 Days


Pro – $129/month
Ultimate – $249/month
Network – $599/month

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