UKGC Marketing Guidelines. The complete Checklist for SEO Websites

The United Kingdom is one of the most attractive markets for webmasters. Both offline and online gambling is significantly developed in this country, and gamblers play a lot there. But working in this geo is quite difficult.

First, great competition. In this geo, you will have to compete with such giants as Slots Temple,,, and many others.

Secondly, the UK is a regulated market, so there are rules about how casinos should be advertised. And in Britain, they are one of the fiercest in the world. Sometimes, it is difficult for casino affiliates to understand what exactly needs to be done to be fully compliant. For this reason, we created this checklist with examples, where we analyzed all the requirements from the UKGC to websites advertising casinos.

You can’t Provide Demo Games Without Age Verification

This is the most painful problem if your site is dedicated to slots. Since 2019, sites that work with licensed British casinos are prohibited from giving users access to demo games unless you have verified their age. Anticipating your question, if it’s possible to add a simple form where users have to enter the date of birth, we answer: “No, you can’t.”

You have 2 options on what to do about it. The first is to completely close access to the demo. This was done, for example, by Bigwinboard.

Bigwinboard Slot Demo Page

Bigwinboard Slot Demo Page

The second option is to purchase a service that verifies users in the UK. You need to connect this service to your site, and when a visitor wants to play the demo, they will need to provide their personal data, namely their full name, address, and date of birth. Users need to go through verification only once, and you can collect e-mails to your database in one go:) This method is used, for example, by Slots Temple.

Slots Temple Slot Demo Page

Slots Temple Slot Demo Page

Here are some services that provide visitor verification services:

You Have to Display the Significant Terms Next to the Bonus

Every time you display a casino bonus on your site, the main rules for obtaining it should be indicated next to it in small print. This is exactly what should be indicated there:

  • Text “18+“;
  • Main rules like min dep, wagering requirements, max bonus, etc.
  • Text “T&C Apply” or “Terms and Conditions Apply
  • Link to BeGambleAware website.
  • Text “#ad” or “#AD

Here’s an example of how it should look like.

Significant T&C Example

Significant T&C Example

You Have to Add the Link to Bonus Terms and Conditions One Click Away from Bonus

This rule is similar to the previous one. Every time you display a bonus on your site, there must be a link to the casino bonus rules with the anchor “T&C Apply” next to it. You can put it into significant terms and use your tracking link. All UK licensed brands provide you with this. 

You Have to Display the 18+ logo and the BeGambleAware logo with a link in the footer

I think this point does not need much explanation, so here is an example right away.

AskGamblers Footer

AskGamblers Footer

You Must Blur Slots’ Logos and Screenshots

To protect children from the harmful influence of slots, the UK Gambling Commission has decided to ban showing them images of slots. All because they look very bright and can attract the attention of children. After a bit of research, we found out that almost all sites ignore this rule. We found only one website that blurs the image: Slotcatolog.

SlotCatalog's Blurred Images

SlotCatalog’s Blurred Images

You Can’t Use the word “Free” 

Therefore, you cannot use common terms like Free Spins, Free Money, Free Cash, etc. Instead, you should use Bonus Spins, Bonus Money, and so on. But as it turned out, many affiliate sites do not fulfill this requirement. Even casinos, which the regulatory body pays more attention to, sometimes ignore this rule.

Don't use "Free" Word

Don’t use “Free” Word

Use "Free" Word

Use “Free” Word

You Can’t Promote Unlicensed UK Casinos

If you decide to work with licensed casinos, you cannot simultaneously offer players casinos with licenses from other authorities.

You Have to pass the KYC Procedure

Casinos that operate under the license of the UKGC must confirm the identity of their partners. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the required documents. The following documents are usually required for individuals:

  • ID (to confirm the identity)
  • Utility Bill (to confirm the address)

If you open an account in the partner program on behalf of the company, then the list of documents is somewhat longer:

  • Certificate of Registration / Incorporation
  • M&A / Statutes
  • Directors’ IDs and Utility Bills
  • Register of members/shareholders
  • Share certificate
  • Certificate of Good Standing

Please note that the set of documents can vary from program to program.

What will happen if you do not follow these rules?

Casino partners are not directly liable for failure to comply with these conditions before the UK Gambling Commission. But casinos are responsible both for themselves and their affiliates because they will have problems if UKGC notices that they are advertised on sites that are not fully compliant. Therefore, failure to comply with these conditions may eventually lead to the closure of your account and the loss of all the money and players you had there. Briefly, this relationship is reflected in the meme below.


But don’t worry, no one will suddenly close your account. You will be given enough time to correct everything, and only if you ignore this request, only then will the account be blocked.


Summarizing this material, I would like to emphasize that the guidelines of the Gambling Commission are essential. But you can highlight more important and less important points. If you are unsure about some points and see that competitors do not fulfill them, then you can also postpone. And if the casino turns to you and asks you to make some updates, then start acting.

We hope this article was useful and interesting for you. If we have forgotten any important point, please let us know in the comments below.


No. There is no license for casino affiliates in the United Kingdom.

Formally yes. But some of them can be fulfilled only when the casino sends you such a request.

In this case, casinos will be forced to block your account.

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